The National Congress of Clusters rewards the automotive industry for the Forum of Excellence 4.0

The National Congress of Clusters has awarded the automotive clusters ACAN (Navarra), AEI La Rioja (La Rioja), AVIA (Valencia), CAAR (Aragon), CEAGA (Galicia), CIAC (Catalonia), FACYL (Castilla y León ) and GIRA (Cantabria) with the Award for the Best Intercluster Collaborative Project 2022 for the Forum of Excellence 4.0.

This project has been developed throughout 2021 and 2022 with a series of sessions in which clusters and companies in the sector have shared projects of excellence for the transfer of knowledge within the automotive industry. The success and evaluation of the online sessions was so positive that these sessions are still being held today, exceeding the 8 planned at the start of the project. In fact, 12 sessions have already been held and 4 more are being prepared.

In addition, another project has been born from the Forum of Excellence 4.0, ECOMOB: Connecting Mobility Ecosystem, an innovation platform to share knowledge between clusters and companies. This platform has recently received an AEI (Innovative Business Group) grant with an extraordinary allocation from Next Generation funds of almost 200,000 euros and a project valued at almost 400,000.

The National Congress of Clusters was held in Valencia as part of the 5th Connected Industry Congress, which was attended by the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, in which different round tables were held and in which the Awards were also given Industry Nationals.

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