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Partner Benefits

AVIA has partnership agreements with entities and companies to offer its associates a series of services that improve market conditions.
Press Office

AVIA's communication department allows the entity to be in contact with interest groups: the media, institutions, administrations, business and union entities, as well as, finally, society as a whole. All this with the aim of transferring the messages of the Automotive Cluster as a reference entity in the sector, making its qualified voice heard and defending its interests.
Specialized training

AVIA's Open Training plan is presented quarterly, together with a general catalog in which companies can adapt their In Company training needs. AVIA information also offers workshops for executives and middle managers where they can present practical cases and generate new people management ideas.
Associate discounts

From AVIA, special conditions for members of the Cluster are negotiated with various entities and companies. Contact us to find out what we currently have in force.
Networking days

AVIA is concerned that its associates manage to increase their volume of business, as well as strengthen the ties between the associates themselves. To do this, it organizes sessions in various formats and on different topics of interest to the sector, such as energy, labor, tax, among others, in order to express needs and establish contacts and new business relationships.
Mobility Innovation Valencia

The Miv was born as a response to a change in the mobility paradigm, at a time when we have gone from a product to a service. Our motivation is to make the Valencian Community a global benchmark for mobility.
Dual VT

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Employment exchange

It allows companies to manage their offers, the CVs they receive and classify them based on the status of each demand.
Purchasing center

The purchasing center operates in products and services such as telephony, office supplies, electricity, international parcels, gas and fuel in storage.

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