AVIA renews its new image and reaffirms itself as an automotive and mobility cluster


AVIA, until now the Automotive Cluster of the Valencian Community, has presented its new image and its new name. AVIA is now an Automotive and Mobility Cluster and, in this way, seeks to integrate all the agents in the value chain of the new sustainable mobility.

In addition to the new name of the Cluster, the entity has renewed the image, precisely to transfer this change to the graphic part as well.

With this new image and name, AVIA responds to the paradigm shift that has occurred in mobility in recent years, and for which the sector has undergone a transformation. The sector has become a provider of mobility services where users look for different alternatives to get around and the car -which will be sustainable, connected and autonomous- will be just one of them.

With this change, AVIA seeks to attract solutions providers for electric vehicles, for the manufacture and generation of biofuels, or battery manufacturers, among others, to defend their interests.

According to the president of AVIA, Mónica Alegre, “in the nearly 20 years that the entity has existed, we had not changed our image, despite having refocused the strategy on several occasions.” “With the changes that we are witnessing, we have realized that, in addition to a reorientation of our mission towards sustainable mobility, we also had to show that change with a new image.”


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