Neptury Technologies develops a battery manufacturing system that reduces the consumption of active materials by 35%

Neptury Tecnologies, a company located in the town of Almassora -Castellón- has developed a battery manufacturing system that reduces by 35% the consumption of active materials necessary for the manufacture of said batteries, essential in the development of the electric vehicle.

The system also replaces a solvent, an element necessary to emulsify and dry all the active materials in the batteries after their manufacture, which is highly toxic, carcinogenic and which is under study by the European Union for its withdrawal. Neptury has managed to replace this element with an organic solvent that is harmless to both health and the environment.

The novelty developed by Neptury lies in a substantial change in the battery production process that allows certain high energy intensity chemical and mechanical processes to be eliminated by others that reduce both energy and material consumption.

This novelty will focus the intervention of Enrique Navarro, director of Neptury Technologies, in the II edition of Smart Mobility Valencia that will be held next Wednesday, September 14 in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

According to Enrique Navarro “current manufacturing is a process of deposition of materials that are subsequently pressed to compact. This technology wastes many of the active materials that, let’s remember, are non-renewable substances of nature. In this traditional process, a highly polluting and carcinogenic solvent is also used, as well as being very expensive”.

The proposal of this company and the result of its innovation department is the deposition of the materials by Inkjet technology that allows a selective application of the surface of the anodes/cathodes, that is, of the elements that make up the battery.

Main advantages:

The selective application of active materials for the development of batteries allows savings of up to 35% of said materials and the consequent reduction in production cost for the manufacturer. Thanks to this selective application, the clean recycling of elements such as aluminum and copper is possible, since it does not paint the area that is not an electrode. Another advantage is that this technology “opens up the possibility of manufacturing batteries of the future, hybrid batteries (super capacitor plus battery (capacitive and faradic) since it allows different active materials to be deposited on the same surface“, as he explained. Enrique Navarro.

Elimination of carcinogenic and polluting substance:

However, above all of them, the Neptury Technologies system has succeeded in replacing a highly polluting and carcinogenic solvent such as n-methyl pyrrolidone with another that is harmless and respectful of the environment.

This substance, according to Navarro “It is in the crosshairs of the European Union’s department of toxicology and its use is expected to be banned shortly. For now, Asian countries use it and recover it due to its high cost. In Europe, in addition to the cost, its high toxicity for people and the environment is being assessed”.

About Neptury Technologies:

Neptury Technologies is a technology company that was born in Almassora in 2003 with the aim of developing, manufacturing and marketing devices and equipment for medical-surgical use. Subsequently, the fields of action of the company were extended to other fields of development. Since 2014 the company has been dedicated to engineering studies and construction of machines and prototypes, generally intended for the execution of special tasks in different industrial sectors. It is in this area of action where the design and manufacture of machinery for the manufacture of cells for electric vehicles is found, with a significant reduction in the use of active materials and reduction in energy consumption.

Currently, it is made up of around twenty people, fifteen of whom are development engineers and joined AVIA in 2022.

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