AVIA celebrates its first matching event between partners and startups to collaborate on sustainable mobility.

The initiative, arising from the collaboration with Startup Valencia, has been channelled through Mobility Innovation Valencia, the organization’s tool for transforming the sector into the new paradigm of mobility, and eight startups have participated in it.

AVIA – Automotive and Mobility Cluster of the Valencian Community – has celebrated its first matching event between member companies and startups through Mobility Innovation Valencia (MIV), the organization’s tool for transforming the sector towards the new paradigm of mobility. This inaugural meeting aims for startups to find mentors, investors, and learning opportunities from established companies that know how to adapt to the changing environment, such as AVIA’s partners, while also allowing the cluster’s companies to learn from the agility and boldness of startups. In this way, they can cooperate in the development of sustainable and intelligent mobility.

During the event, which took place after AVIA’s General Assembly that elected Francisco Segura as the new president of the organization, Jackie Sánchez-Molero, the director of MIV, explained thatmobility in the Valencian Community is facing a moment full of challenges, and for the past two years, we have been working intensely at MIV, not only with technologies that go beyond electric vehicles, such as batteries or cobots, but also with various stakeholders, including companies, universities, technological institutes, and recently, municipalities.””.

Mobility Startups

This first meeting arises from the collaboration between MIV and Startup Valencia. The following startups pitched their ideas: AtriaMove, Xpander, Movelso, Spiny, Perifai, Miivo, Kerionics, and Neil. They demonstrated the potential of the Region of Valencia in terms of sustainable mobility technology.

AtriaMove is a startup that promotes a circular economy by giving a second life to electric vehicles through reduction, reuse, and recycling. Their team of professionals certifies the vehicles and provides a warranty. Currently, they are expanding their business to electric motorcycles and eventually cars.

Xpander, a technological spin-off of KH Vives, a component supplier for the automotive industry, utilizes Blockchain technology to certify critical information of companies in real-time, without the need for intermediaries, through their platform Alize. It enables the integration and acquisition of crucial data for product traceability or chain of custody.

Movelso is the development of a vehicle that combines bicycle, car, and electric van features, designed for city deliveries. It has a detachable, portable, and modular trunk with a cargo capacity of up to 250 kilograms and 1,200 liters. The trunk is designed to fit in elevators.

Spiny has developed a portable device that can be attached to convert city bicycles into electric bicycles. It features two pedalling and speed sensors. The device has a range of 35 kilometers and weighs a total of 2 kilograms.

Perifai offers a mobile solution for automating vehicle assessment and verification processes through photo analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides a simple and fast way to identify damages and assess repair costs using AI for companies in the automotive sector.

Miivo is an application that consolidates all sustainable mobility options into one, creating a more personalized routing tool for users and incorporating a rewards system to encourage more sustainable and practical mobility.

Kerionics, a spin-off of the Institute of Chemical Technology at UPV and CSIC, focuses on developing solutions and products tailored to the industrial challenges posed by zero-impact economy, specifically the development of high-temperature solid oxide electrolyzers for renewable hydrogen production.

Neil, a startup, uses AI to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies. Through smart devices connected to an app, it analyzes workers’ movements in their workplaces and identifies a wide range of mobility-related disorders.


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