Working Commissions

Current Commissions

The work commissions meet periodically to discuss topics of interest in each of the areas.

Those attending the commission are the AVIA members responsible for each of the departments, and their final objective is to share good practices, concerns, and problems. From these sessions arise the projects that will be addressed from AVIA.
Top Management

AVIA launches the Top Management Meetings, a periodic meeting with high added value that welcomes the managers, CEOs and directors of the Cluster's associated companies to discuss the present and future of the Automotive sector.

Mainly designed to help the SMEs of the Cluster in the detection of projects and aid that improve their competitiveness, through innovation.


The increase in productivity, quality control, the reduction of logistics costs and zero waste guarantee companies access to large customers. In this commission, experiences can be shared among the member companies.

AVIA accompanies companies in the detection of markets and in the search for legislative and financial support for the installation of companies in other countries.
Human Resources

The objective of this commission is to offer information and training sessions that help HR departments. in their day after day in the companies, as well as sharing among the participants good practices in the development of their daily activity.

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