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Mesbook began as a MES system, the one that is in charge of production control, but MESbook was not a MES to use. “We say that we are the ‘(R)evolution’ of MES systems because we include Cost, Process Control or Machine Learning modules that are not in MES, among many others”.

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Production control MOD and MERMA cost control Productivity management Quality management HR Process control has modules for Warehouse Management (SGA), Planner-Sequencer, a CMMS module LEANbook Reports The support of a Senior Industrial Engineer is included who will subsequently support the implementation to ensure maximum use of the tool by establishing a schedule of sessions according to the interests of the company

Technology / Know hoy

MESbook is an industrial management system for the control and efficient management of a factory. This management system is generated from the interconnection of the key systems of the manufacturing processes (Materials, Methods, Manpower and Machines). It captures signals to transform them into data and later into information, all in real time and from anywhere in the world. Conceived in web programming, it works and is accessed just as you access the Internet or any web page. Easily and intuitively. MESbook is the 2.0 generation of Business Intelligence systems, it not only shows information on results but also reports throughout manufacturing to ensure that it is carried out efficiently. It is fundamentally developed in C# language, although we have small parts that, due to their objective, are made in Python and R. The system follows an MVC development pattern in its interface part, and DDD (Domain Driven Design) methodology in the management structure. of data and services that support the functionality. At the programming level, it should be noted that our most developed specific technology is reactive programming under an actor supervision pattern with Akka.Net. This technology is strongly focused on eventual programming, and brings us closer to Event Sourcing, which is a medium-term objective of the product. Internal messaging and real-time object caches are incorporated, as well as NoSQL to support all data that has to generate history and is immutable in time, using CouchBase, partly as a TimeSeries.


Michelin, Some, Yanfeng


MESbook has received awards such as the ISO 9001:2015 certification or the GMP assessment granted by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline Spain) as well as awards for the best product from Advanced Factories, Comprendedor, el Español or Fundación Caja de Ingenieros.

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