Logistics company specializing in synchronized parts´ sequence to the production line

Sequencing of over 50 families representing 3,500 different references. Own transport, vans, trailers, trucks, components´  pre assembly, checking and Re work of NOK parts.

Packaging parts, design protection packaging, IT application development, presence controls, Internal Warehouse Management.

Quality Consulting, Coaching, Training and new projects Consulting for companies.

Point-to-point  optic fiber network, wifi, Radio frequency, scada, servers, plc´s, pick to light, bar code Reading.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

Ford España

Ford Werke

Brugola OEB SpA Industriale

Faurecia Seating

Lear Corporation

SMR Automotive System Spain

Lorena Nicola, s.direccion@walkerpackmpl.com
  1. I. Juan Carlos I

Avda. de la Foia, 20

46440 Almussafes

Telf. : +34 638043158