UBE Industries

Over its history of more than 100 years, UBE Industries has continually responded successfully to the changes in society and in the industry by developing a wide range of advanced business solutions and by manufacturing a large variety of state-of-art products in fields such as chemical and plastic, specialty chemicals and products, pharmaceuticals, cement and construction materials, machinery and metal products and energy and environment.

In UBE industries we develop a very wide range of products for industrial applications. The main products
and most frequent applications are listed below:
Special Products

For UBE, investments in research and development is fundamental. It is considered to be the basis of all progress. Worldwide, the Group has more than 1.000 employees working on different lines of research and innovation in research centres in Europe, Asia and America. The strategy underpinning R&D is to develop products that can be directly applied to the market while at the same time aiming at creating more advanced technologies that can sharpen the company’s technological edge.

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