Radiadores Ordóñez

Radiadores Ordóñez design and manufacture radiators for automobiles, industrial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles. Aspects such as quality, innovation, technology, and design are analysed, in order to find the most ideal solutions to the specific cooling needs their customers.

The product range of Radiadores Ordóñez is composed of: water radiators, air radiators, oil radiators, fuel radiators, expansive tanks, fan cowls, complete assemblies, condensers.

Radiadores Ordóñez have great know-how of the product, thanks to the fact that the specific tools and machinery for manufacturing radiators are produced in their plants. The technologies used are: brazed aluminium, mechanical aluminium, bar & plate, plate type radiator, cooper.

ISO 9001
ISO/TS 16949


Avenida Enrique Gimeno, s/n
12006 Castellón
Telf.: +34 964 342 999
Fax: +34 964 340 452