Plásticos Flome, S.L.

Since our inception we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of packaging, casing and protective parts made of plastic for the automotive industry, through thermoforming, injection, and rotomoulding techiniques. We offer innovation and quality at a competitive price, and we bring solutions to our clients, because we join the project, design and manufacturing of our product.

Thanks to this we offer services to some of the strongest automotive groups and companies at a global level, and as a consequence we have acquired a long and solid exporting vocation.

We develop systems for the correct preparation and packaging of all kinds of automotive components for their transport. This way, complete motors and it’s different components, parts, spares, etc, are transported, stored and distributed in a convenient and safe way guaranteeing their integrity across all the phases of the logistical process.

We use injection techniques, rotomoulding and thermoforming.



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46460 Silla (Valencia)
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