New Techniques for Industrial Automation, S. L. “Nutai” was created in 1995. Its aim is to implement new technologies to benefit from productivity improvements and efficiency in productive processes. Its main activities is industrial automation, mechatronics and control of plants and processes.

Mechatronics: Design, manufacture and commissioning of machinery and automatic facilities “turnkey”. Automatic parts handling equipment. Automation and improvement of existing facilities and machinery. Monitoring and process control systems / plant in real time. Complete traceability systems ranging from part identification to the control of the process and data link with ERP. MES systems. Control and verification by artificial vision systems. Energy efficiency and control of CO2 footprint.

Mechatronics: Electrical engineering / mechanical. Electrical / mechanical. Programming PLCs, CNC’s, PC’s, Robots. SCADA systems. Industrial software. Identification 2DM / CB by laser marking, PEEN, RFID, etc. Traceability of product online / MES. Vision equipment.

ISO 9001.
UNE 216301.

Automotive TIER1 suppliers


P. I. L’Alteró
Avenida El Palmar, 9
46460 Silla (Valencia)
Teléfono: +34 961 767 085
Fax: +34 961 782 635