Leansis Productividad

LeanSis Productividad was founded in February of 2005 with the aim of becoming national reference company in consultancy. They specialize in training on productivity improvement. They have offices in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona and address national and international projects. They apply Lean Manufacturing methodology, Six Sigma and Project Management to any company in any industry.

Lean Manufacturing: They address the productivity of the business from operations, optimizing the value contribution. Lean Office: They optimize the management of companies’ administrative areas, to ensure the involvement of all people in the organization. Lean Project Management: To achieve the objectives of quality, cost and time. To develop new products or services, production lines or plants, Lean StartUp. They train its customers in LeanSis System at their own school.

LeanSis Continuous Improvement System is the result of experience gained in multinational automotive sector. They apply successfully this system in companies of any size and sector. They have more than 200 customers around the country in sectors such as automotive, food, packaging, health, plastic, chemical, ceramics… LeanSis School is the best existing training in Spain in Continuous Improvement of Productivity, with 25 editions and more than 1,000 students. They carried out over 100 in-company training.

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Parque Tecnológico de Paterna
Rda. Narciso Monturiol, 6.
Edificio Destro B. Despacho 8B.
46980 Paterna (Valencia)
Teléfono: +34 697 151 479
Fax: +34 961 318 794
Web: www.leansisproductividad.com