Junta 3

We manufacture and develop parts in precision rubber to withstand high temperatures, pressures, mechanical forces, insulation and leak-proof closures.

Our R&D department studies the most favorable geometry and material in each case with the customer, together with the ideal production process

In their production processes, they use the latest generation injection presses, cryogenic sprue removers, and stamping presses. They have broad experience in rubber technical parts for the automobile, railway (both in rolling stock and infrastructures) as well as other industries (domestic apparatus. Building, telephone, naval and general industrial sectors.

ISO 9001:2008

Carcoustics España S.A
SRG Global
Dr. F. Schneider
Matridos, S.L.
Talleres Protegidos Gureak
Matriceria y Estampación


P. I. El Oliveral, sector 13
Calle Alfarers, 12
46190 Valencia
Teléfono: +34 961 642 779
Fax: +34 961 642 808
Web: www.junta3.com