Instituto de Diseño y Fabricación (IDF)

The Design and Manufacturing Institute is a research centre closely linked to the automotive sector. They carry out research in automated driving of passenger cars as well as industrial and agricultural cars. That includes aspects of design and manufacturing for the automotive industry, in product and process improvement with CAD/CAM/Robotics integration.

R&D projects for the automotive industry such as the quality control of car bodyworks by means of artificial vision. It has been introduced recently in Ford production lines aimed at testing all their cars.

The Design and Manufacturing Institute is integrated by the Assessment Center of Adapted Vehicles and disabled drivers supported by SEPIVA (Security and Industrial Promotion of Valencia) and aimed at becoming a specific MOT (Compulsory Vehicle Inspection). They work closely with the National Traffic Authority and FIAT within the “Autonomy ” program. They also have a sectorial “Master in Styling and Design of Concept Cars” in collaboration with PSA-Peugeot/Citroën.

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