Instant Link

INSTANT LINK is an international group of companies specialized in critical services and logistics support to supply chain processes.

Direct Delivery
Hand Carrier & Charter
Controlled Temperatura
Milk Run
Sensitive Goods
Service Logistics

With the creation of EXPRO Outsourcing, outsourcing services for industrial processes company, specializing in logistics, and other added value services. We empower our services to offer complete solutions for the supply chain, with the goal that our customers obtain competitive improvements, either by reducing costs or by an increase in their productivity. Thanks to our solutions, our clients can redirect their talents and resources to those areas that are part of their core business, and leaving the auxiliary functions to be handled by a specialized company like us.

ISO 9001:2008

Our clients are technology and industry leading companies, mainly in the automotive sector, both OEM’s and equipment and components suppliers.


Calle Germanells, 39
46138 Rafelbunyol (Valencia)
Teléfono: +34 961 609 926
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