Dymsa Ingeniería

Dymsa Ingeniería’s main activity is industrial automation. They started working in the automotive sector, where they gained experience in the application of different automation technologies, which allowed them to develop innovative solutions for other sectors, such as the electric and food industries and renewal energies.

Their range of products include Electrical Engineering, Automation, Industrial Robotics, Traceability, Special Machines and Control by Artificial Vision.

The aim of Dymsa Ingeniería is to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase product quality by using new technologies. To do so, the count with experienced personnel in the automation sector, who are committed with their work and identify themselves with their customer’s needs.

Autoliv BKI
Johnson Controls
Sebos Levantinos
Insonorizantes Pelzer
Biocom Energía
Válvulas Arco


Calle 11, nº5 Bloque 2 Nave 13. P. I. Condonyers
46220 Picassent (Valencia).
Apartado de Correos 92 de Picassent
Teléfono: +34 962779322
Web: www.dymsaingenieria.com