Catedier S.L




CATEDIER S.L., is a company that employs people with different abilities, which was established in 2016 as a Special Employment Centre, but working in the automotive sector since 1998 with the company CEVAPLÁSTICS.
We are a company that offers competitive prices because our main strengths are: Quality of service, Flexibility, speed in the service and Social Integration of Staff with disabilities.

1. Quality control: Review, Recovery, Containment, Pre-assembly, Assembly and Sequencing Components.

2.  Logistic Services: Reception and unloading, classification and physical location, Packaging, Transfer and Packaging, Picking, Kitting, Packaging, loading and shipping.

3. Other services on demand.

In our work we apply different methodologies. Lean Manufacturing as a management model that aims to minimize wastage, being flexible and open to change. Methodology 5 S.

Just in time JIT. As a means to ensure the production of goods and services with quality standards and within the deadlines. Kanban system.

ISO 9001

Lear Corporation
Grupo Antolín Valplas
Schneider Electric
Industrias Alegre



Pol. Ind. Juan Carlos I

Avda. de la Foia nº 8 Nave 19

46440 Almussafes (Valencia)

Tel.: +34 961203266