Bankinter was established in June 1965 as an industrial bank, 50% between Banco Santander and Bank of America. In 1972 it was listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, becoming at that time a completely separate bank from its founders; it was at that moment that it was transformed.

Initially, as an industrial bank Bankinter was more focused on corporate business but over the years, expanded its advice to individuals, soon specializing in Private Banking. Currently, Bankinter gives a specific service for each customer segment both individuals and strongly supported, spurred by technology and quality customer service.

Bankinter noted for its technological development. With a corporate web leader in the Spanish financial market (, a specific website for service companies ( and a Broker on line dedicated to advice and operational traded and markets fixed income and currencies, it is without doubt for that reason that the bank has more online customers. Moreover, in recent years it has also developed very significantly operations through mobile and tablets. If we add technology to the excellent quality of the template bank, we can understand theleadership of Bankinter in the Spanish financial sector, regularly recognized through customer surveys conducted by independent consultants.

Large Corporations
Small and Medium Businesses
Private Clients (high income / equity)
Personal Banking


Pº castellana, 29
28146 Madrid
Telf.: 963982307
Fax: 963982309