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General Data

AVIA brings together 93 companies related to the automotive sector. Companies from different sectors, such as metal mechanic, plastic, engineering, services, packaging and logistics consulting. Thanks to this multisectoral nature, AVIA brings together the entire sector’s value chain.

AVIA also has the multinational Ford as member of the cluster, authentic tractor actor in the constitution and survival of the entity.

Currently, the joint turnover of the associated companies is more of 12.250 million euros, which is 10% of regional GDP and 14% of industrial GDP of the Valencia region.

The set of companies in the cluster are employing more than 25.000 people directly. According to data compiled for Strategic Plan of AVIA this number supposes 5,5% of the direct employment of Valencia.

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companies of the automotive sector associated

millions of euros in turnover

people employed directly

Also belonging to the cluster, in addition to SMES and multinationals, we have technological institutes, Valencia public universities and the support of the public administration.

According to the strategic plan, AVIA aspires to have 100 members in 2020. In addition, AVIA‘s objectives are focused on the promotion of R+D+i among SMES, the structuring of the training and the talent recruitment and the increase of the competitiveness of its partners AVIA also aims to support its partners in its internationalisation process


of regional industrial GDP


direct employment


Cluster potentiation

Benefit of greater relationships with other companies and entities.

Improve competitiveness

Greater efficiency to meet the challenges from emerging countries.

Training and talent management

The automotive sector requires specialized and technical profiles.

Promoting R&D&I

Allowing Valencian companies to distinguish themselves.

Internationalization of SMEs

Help to compete in an increasingly globalized market.

Activities Report

What do we provide?

Working Commissions anda Services that AVIA offers its members