Projects with our associates

Automotive Observatory

It is a systematic process that allows us to capture and analyse relevant information in order to subsequently convert it into knowledge that facilitates decision-making with less risk and allows us to anticipate changes.


The 5GLOGIC project aims to develop a pilot of logistics solutions that will allow the validation and development of the set of technologies necessary to convert the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes into a smart and connected industrial park. In this project, technologies related to mobility are combined, such as autonomous electric vehicles, or with connectivity and telecommunications.

Foro Excelencia 4.0

The objective of Foro Excelencia 4.0. is to become the best inter-regional stage for transferring and learning about successful cases of digitalisation projects implemented in different industrial facilities in the sector.

Dual VT die makers

Its objective is to make training highly demanded by companies available to young people. In turn, for companies it means the possibility of hiring qualified personnel.


The DETEBAT-VE Project develops a pilot battery pack for the electric vehicle. Among its objectives are the increase in energy density through the intelligent and digital industrialization of the cells, the improvement of the optimization and performance of the systems through advanced thermal control and intelligent cooling, as well as the reduction of production costs and the weight of the package.

ReStart SME

ReStartSMEs is the initiative promoted by the European Commission to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent economic recession. The project aims to increase the resilience of manufacturing SMEs in the automotive, machinery and equipment, food and textile sectors, by analyzing their digitization needs and, with this, offering them the concrete tools to adopt modern technologies such as AI, robotics, cybersecurity and the internet of things.

Professional profiles in the new mobility

Identification of the profiles that make up the talent of the automotive sector at a European level, and description of jobs, which allow the professional drivers, knowledge, experience and skills of each of the profiles to be specified in an objective and structured manner.

Promotion of Vocations

"Guide for the development of the campaign to attract talent and raise awareness in the mobility sector" with the aim of promoting interest in this sector in the regulated educational field. We need to sensitize our target audience (ESO, Bachelorship, Vocational Training and University Education) about the advantages of working in the mobility sector.

Talent retention

It is worth developing a Talent Loyalty Campaign that includes the actions to be carried out to retain talent in the automotive sector. These are actions focused on training companies so that they can implement Human Resources strategies that guarantee talent retention through training plans by AVIA.


The DIGILOGIX project consists of the design and manufacture of an AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) oriented to collaborative intralogistics processes and incorporating Artificial Intelligence elements.

Rete Bave

It is a project for the recycling of batteries. The Valencian initiative proposes to automate the industrial process for the circular management of batteries from electric vehicles. The amount requested for the project amounts to 212,234 euros. The project is based on two fundamental lines: on the one hand, a diagnosis of the recovered batteries to give them a second life; and in case of not being able to reuse them, a robotized recycling.

Smart Mobility Valencia (SMV)

Smart Mobility Valencia is the benchmark event for publicizing projects, initiatives and innovations related to sustainable mobility. In this event there is room for all sectors, agents and institutions related to mobility. This annual meeting is born from the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of the Valencian Community with the aim of helping automotive companies in their transformation towards the new mobility. In the course of the last two years, it has become the reference event for the sustainable mobility sector and in the last edition it brought together more than a thousand people, hosted 40 stands of companies and institutions, as well as the intervention of 50 speakers. In addition, in each edition, a catalog of innovative and technological capacities has been published, which includes all the innovations and trends in the sector.


Project in collaboration with other Spanish automotive clusters to detect topics of interest, initiatives and projects related to mobility and sustainability. This initiative will be supported by a platform to generate consortiums and interaction, as well as the organization of monthly conferences where you can learn about the experiences of companies in the sector.

Business opportunities regarding the assembly of EVs and batteries

Detection of business opportunities around the Volkswagen battery factory and Ford electric vehicle assembly, both for the traditional automotive industry and those new opportunities that will arise associated with this activity.

Automotive Risk Map

Analysis and study of the current situation of the automotive sector and definition of the risks that the sector will face in the coming months and years. This is a study that will help partners to guide their business strategies in the medium and long term.

Cities and citizens consultation

Mobility needs vary from person to person depending on where they live, work or their habits. There are more and more options available to the user and more variables to take into account, so turning our environment into a place adapted to the new reality is quite a challenge. For this reason, Mobility Innovation Valencia, with the support of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, has launched a study to find out, first-hand, the real problems we face and the ideas that can help us solve them.