Enrique Navarro, director of Neptury Technologies: "I believe that all propulsion technologies can coexist"

Neptury Technologies is one of the long list of companies that has joined AVIA in 2022 and that contributes its knowledge about the electrification of vehicles to the sector. The business that currently focuses most of its activity is the manufacture of the machinery to build the cells that make up the batteries of electric vehicles, “the true heart of the electric car“, in the words of Enrique Navarro, technical director of the company.

The company is currently working on the construction of a fully automated machine for stacking and assembling a prismatic cell that has an internal cooling system, patented by Neptury. This configuration makes it unique in the world, regardless of its active material (LFP, NMC, LICOO2, LIMnO2, YP5OF, etc.) in terms of efficiency to dissipate the heat that is generated internally inside the batteries generated in cathodes/anodes and electrolyte.

Unlike the rest of the battery cells (whether prismatic, cylindrical, Pouch, etc.) what they do to dissipate the heat generated is to extract it from the outside of the casing, so that the casing is cooled first and the cathodes/by conduction. anodes suffer thermal stress causing irreversible damage.

According to Enrique Navarro, the system treats “that the cathodes/anodes are crimped to the current collector, which, being hollow, allows the circulation of any refrigerant fluid, air, gas, etc. extracting heat directly from the cathodes/anodes”.

Another characteristic of this company is that in 2016 they began manufacturing automatic lines for manufacturing Lithium-metal anode cells at a time when, according to Enrique Navarro, “It was not the current effervescence in relation to the electric vehicle. We had a client that allowed us to enter the sector due to his vision of the future”. Also with a certain humility, Navarro acknowledges that, from a small engineering company located in Almassora, they are the only company in all of Spain dedicated to the manufacture of this machinery and peripherals, which makes them compete with the large Asian multinationals such as Panasonic or LG.

Entry into AVIA:

The entry into AVIA comes from the hand of a historical member of the company, such as Vicente Mompó from the Galol company, and thus also take advantage of the visibility provided by the entity.

For Navarro, news such as the arrival of the Volkswagen gigafactory or the manufacture of Ford electric models in Almussafes “they must serve to consolidate the sector as a whole and attract many more investments. For this reason, I believe that here in the Valencian Community, companies will have to form collaborative alliances and bring out all the ingenuity that is more than demonstrated in the industrial fabric of the automotive sector”. “We may not agree on the speed of the transition to penalize the thermal combustion vehicle, which I personally consider that all technologies can coexist. But the reality is different, so in the same way that from the AVIA association they carry out a work of effort and tireless work to give visibility to each and every one of the projects and companies of the Valencian Community, I think that companies cannot stay waiting for the factories that exist and will continue to supply ASIA cells to guarantee the assembly of battery packs. For all this, I think that to consolidate the future we must go back to what this Valencian Community already did in previous decades in engineering, with work and a lot of innovation, and thus lead this new reality”.

About Neptury Technologies:

Neptury Technologies is a technology company that was born in Almassora in 2003 with the aim of developing, manufacturing and marketing devices and equipment for medical-surgical use. Subsequently, the fields of action of the company were extended to other fields of development and since 2014 they have been dedicated to engineering studies and construction of machines and prototypes generally intended for the execution of special tasks in different industrial sectors. It is in this field of action where the design and manufacture of machinery for the manufacture of cells for electric vehicles is located.

Currently, it is made up of about twenty people, fifteen of whom are development engineers.


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