Metalográfica de Levante, S. A.

About the company

Metalográfica de Levante S.A. was founded in 1974 and is devoted to heat treatments. The current facilities have large-capacity vacuum furnaces and atmosphere furnaces to carry out all kinds of treatments.

Products / Services

They carry out Thermal and thermochemical treatments. They provide a wide range of transport services for the collection and delivery of goods.

Technology / Know hoy

Vacuum hardening of special steels, precipitation, vacuum treatments for light alloys (titanium, etc.) clean annealed, vacuum nitriding (Allnit), vacuum nitriding + post-oxidation (Allnit-Ox), gaseous nitriding (Nitrovac), ionic nitriding, ionic nitriding + post-oxidation; carburizing and gaseous carbonitriding controlled by the Econox system; hardening with controlled atmosphere (of tools as well as bolts, precision turning parts, etc, with the suitable system for each piece), annealed, stabilized, dehydrogenised, shot blasting, bluing.


Sector automoción. Moldistas. Matriceros. Mecanizadores. Extrusionadores. Construcción de maquinaria. Eólico. Decoletaje. Tornillería.


ISO 9000.

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