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About the company

ILUNION, is the brand name for the ONCE Group companies and its Foundation is a pioneering and innovative model, it maintains the balance between its social values and economic. resent through out the Spanish geography, with more that 500 workplaces, of which more than half are special employment centers. ILUNION is now a business of project, social and environmentally responsible whose goal is excellence management, accounting skills, experience, talent and inclusion, competitiveness, innovation, efficiency and diversity.

Other addresses:

Pol. Industrial Juan Carlos I
Calle Tramontana Parcela 1-2
46440, Almussafes, Valencia
Telf.: +34 961 797200
Fax +34961767620

Products / Services

ILUNION Facility offers global services outsourcing services and custom solutions. We provide specialized services for the automotive industry as:

  • Handled and assembly.
  • Quality controls, selections and Reprocessing.
  • Logistics Services: Warehouse Management, Picking, kitting, packaging, supply lines…
  • Plastic injection.
  • Electrical wiring.

Technology / Know hoy

ILUNION has multidisciplinary team of professional experts in all the working areas capable of responding to the needs of our customers. We design solutions tailored to our customers outsourcing projects. We have the latest technology of warehouse management and pokayoke systems.

ILUNION- MLV: Reference Logistics Provider for Ford, focused on the management of warehouses reception, Intermediate warehouses, sequencing, and suppling lines. Ilunion work in 9 industrial plants, with more than 1,400 workers.


Ford. Sodecia. Benteler. Grupo Antolín. Autoliv BKI. Faurecia. Plastic7. Stellantis. SMR


ISO 14000:2004.
ISO 9001:2008.
OHSAS 1800:2007.

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