About the company

EDINN is a private company that develops technological solutions that help its users achieve maximum productivity and total efficiency. It currently has a large number of active clients, both multinationals and SMEs, and an expert, committed human team with experience in development, installation and support anywhere in the world.

Products / Services

EDINN’s solutions are fundamentally framed within Industry 4.0, and range from real-time monitoring and OEE calculation, to a complete Production Control or MES (Manufacturing Execution System), going through Quality, Maintenance and Procedures modules (Self-control ), Energy Efficiency, Big Data and Failure Prediction through Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Some examples of the annual impact generated by EDINN solutions are: per year 20 million top quality engine connecting rods are produced using various EDINN system modules, 20 leading soft drink brands in more than 80 countries on 5 continents; 45 million bottles of wine a year that reach 85 countries; 130 countries receive paper products that are produced with the help and supervision of EDINN systems, 240 million anesthetic cartridges a year that reach more than 60 countries and 1,872 million infusions a year, that reach 5 continents, are produced with help and supervision of EDINN systems.

Technology / Know hoy

The technology developed by edinn includes protected and exclusive algorithms, brands, methods and graphics protected by Intellectual Property.


Metaldyne. Junta 3. Grupo KH. Jefra.


Premium Solution Provider of MESA International.

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